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Commercial Soap Dispenser

Commercial Soap Dispenser

A commercial soap dispenser in a public restroom is a necessary item, together with other areas where hand washing takes place and has a large amount of traffic and where consistent servicing is unrealistic.

Commercial soap dispenser products help you save money in the long term so a commercial soap dispenser should be the only option for any public restroom.

That explanation alone is the reason why having a high-quality commercial soap dispenser as part of your company’s restrooms is so essential.

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Soap dispensers are convenient not simply for washing hands but also for always keeping sink locations from turning into soapy, sticky messes.

Soap dispensers are available in various styles, like automatic sensing, hands free designs and manual pump style variations. Additionally there is an almost unlimited supply of shapes and colors available.

Personal or home soap dispensers are very popular today. They have almost completely replaced the bar of soap and the soap dishes from years past in most modern homes. Some residential soap dispensers imitate commercial soap dispensers in style. They are available in free-standing versions or permanently affixed models attached to the counter, sink or wall.

They also come in a wide range styles and prices. For example, take the Toto TES Commercial Soap Dispenser. It is sensor operated, ADA Compliant, holds 40 ounces of your favorite soap and is almost $4500 on sale at Amazon.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Moen RR120CH CSI Commercial Chrome Soap/Lotion Dispenser by Moen. It is described as having a chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look. The price tag on this one at Amazon is well under $10. I would venture to say that neither of these would be the first choice of the average business owner.

Commercial Soap Dispenser Types

Two popular designs of the commercial soap dispenser each have their own advantages and disadvantages. One design is a dispenser with a bulk tank that will hold lots of soap. The other model uses refill cartridges.

The primary distinction between both of these commercial soap dispensers would be that the bulk soap dispenser features a big reservoir for the soap and is refillable generally any soap, but it can be a time consuming hassle when the tank is empty.

Where as the cartridge type dispenser has a special refill cartridge to use when this soap dispenser runs out of the soap. This one is more convenient to refill but the choices are limited to the brands that make refills especially for the model used.
So when it comes to the maintenance of the dispensers, the business owners have a choice to make. Commercial paper towel dispensers also play an instrumental role in public restrooms and should be aesthetically matched with the soap dispensers.

So at the end of the day, a commercial soap dispenser is a very important piece of equipment in public restrooms. Practically every model made is available at the Amazon website. Anyone interested in soap or soap dispensers should check with Amazon before they make purchase, sometimes a lot of money can be saved!

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